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Clan System


A Clan is just like a guild for any other game. You need to have 5 people in order to create a clan. and requires a Clan Deed. Your Clan has a level just like the players. and your Clan level is calculated as the average of all the members. Your Clan level determines what items can be sold from your Clan town NPCs. You can also form Alliances or Wars with other clans. and probably the most significant and most alluring aspect is that in a clan your blocks can not moved by any other player not in your clan. You can set your clans permission level to allow messing with blocks. So raw recruits could potentially not be able to mess with clan blocks.


So lets go into a bit more detail in the features.
  • Creating a clan
In order to create the Clan, the To be Clan Leader needs to have a Clan Deed. Which is crafted from 8 pieces of Paper, and a diamond. The Clan Leader also needs to then achieve 5 username's on the deed to officially create the Clan.
  • Clan Basics
Once your clan is made you can go out in the world and find a place your Clan wants to build a town. To get started the Clan leader just needs to place the Deed on the spot where he wants to start constructing the Clan's Town. Then the Clan can start building the town in any way they want to. The Spot the clan leader places the Clan Deed is a Respawn Block, where any member of the clan may go to, and switch their respawn point to this town. Only clan members can respawn in a clan town.
  • Clan Towns
The nice thing about Clan Towns is that it opens up the game to allow your clan to purchase NPC Deeds for your town, so that you can have blacksmiths, mage's. guards, and most importantly the trader. The idea is to create an economy for your clan and continue to build it up. Also once your Clan has been created your clan will now be an official Faction. For instance if you start attacking other Clans your faction with them will go down and you and your clan can become hostile to them. Which could mean that you could not enter their town or even be attacked by their Guards.
  • Clan NPCs

All NPCs items except the trader will be based on Clan's level.
Only low level items will be sold at start up towns the only way to get better quality items is through increasing your crafting/mining skills, and or in Clans.
  • Blacksmith
The Blacksmith buys or sells all sorts of tools to the members of the clan, and any Allys with the clan. This can start to create money for your town. As your clan level increases the better quality items he will sell, up to the diamond tools. The ability to buy or sell from clan member or everyone is a setting set by guild leaders and or officers. You will not be able to sell to Hostile clans.

Once the magic mod has been released you will be able to buy and sell magic spells from this NPC.
  • Guards
Guards protect your town from monsters outside of it, or if a clan member falls under attack in his own city by hostile clans or hostile players. The guards armor is based on the Clan's level.
  • Traders
The trader is a special NPC that you can put blocks or items up and either trade them or sell them from other Neutral or allied Clan towns. Allied Clans can obtain a discount price or better trading offer than neutral towns, but is not a requirement. Traders will exist in startup towns and will connect to each other clan Trader for buying and selling.


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