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This is using the code pack MCP!

Minecraft is using Java 1.6.x and MCP is also developed using JDK 1.6.x at the moment. If you use JDK 1.7.x (Java7) with MCP, you are asking for problems. While MCP will probably work with JDK 1.7.x, expect some problems with class version exceptions. And keep in mind that mods compiled with JDK 1.7.x might work for you, but most Minecraft players still have Java6 installed and your mods will just fail for them.

You can find MCP 4.3 for Minecraft 1.7.3 here:

It should run on Windows, MacOSX and Linux. There is no readme file yet, so you'll need some knowledge about MCP.

You need to install Python 2.7 on OSX and Linux to use this version. On Windows installing Python 2.7 is optional. If you have python 3.x installed it will not work, this will be fixed soon.

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