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Title System


The Title system is in a way a reward for players completing certain feats. For instance if you battle a ton of skeletons. Not sure what the upper bound will be yet, you can have a title of "BoneCrusher" added to your name.


Achieve a Title for completing a feat.


Title Acquire Requirement
Founder Be apart of the original team to createthis MOD, or contribute in some way.
Bone Crusher Kill 200 Skeletons 
Creep'd! Be Killed by a Creeper 10 times
Zombie Slayer Kill 200 Zombies 
Spider Squasher Kill 200 Spiders
Traveler Visit every *Ancient Town.

These can change at any time, as this is still being implemented and really used as mostly placeholder names. Feel free to comment for a better name. or new Titles that you would like to see!


*Ancient Towns are the NPC towns created by the Founders AKA the Clan Ancients. These are also where you start in the beginning of the game. 

Current Bugs

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